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Sinapsis Informativo Médico - Estudiantil

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Conducta del Mèdico:

Hi, I'm Mr/Ms...

Sometimes it's easier to connect with students if they know a little about the teacher as a person. On this page I'll tell my class a little about myself (e.g., my hobbies and interests, how I first became interested in my subject), as well as including more practical information like how to get in touch with me, when I hold office hours, my e-mail address, and my phone number.

I might also include lists of such things as my favorite books or movies, music I enjoy, and so on. And I'll be sure to include a picture, just in case any students forget what I look like!

A mature man; Size=180 pixels wide

Here I might put a picture of myself.

Office hours:
Office location:
Office Phone Number:
Favorite Color:

E-mail address: